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British Arab Network Chairman tells BBC Radio Arabic that Sadiq Khan’s victory as Mayor shows that London is a tolerant & open city

10 May 2016, by BritishArab Network - In the Media

BBC arabic

Dr. Wafik Moustafa, Chairman of the British Arab Network, has congratulated Sadiq Khan on his victory as Mayor of London, in an interview with BBC Arabic Radio. He said it was positive development which shows that Muslims can succeed in holding high political office in the United Kingdom and that London is an tolerant, open and diverse city.


Elections: Labour’s Sadiq Khan elected London mayor     7 May 2016

Sadiq Khan has been elected the new Mayor of London – boosting Labour after it slumped in Scotland’s elections.

Mr Khan is the city’s first Muslim mayor, after beating Tory Zac Goldsmith by 1,310,143 votes to 994,614.

The result bolsters leader Jeremy Corbyn after Labour was beaten into third in Scotland by the Tories and lost some English councillors.

Mr Khan’s victory – which gave him the largest personal mandate of any politician in UK history – ends eight years of Conservative control of City Hall. The former Labour MP and minister, 45, becomes London’s third mayor after Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson.

Mr Khan distanced himself from Mr Corbyn during the campaign, pledging to freeze fares on the capital’s transport network and build more affordable housing, but also promising to champion business and cut taxes on enterprise.

In his victory speech, he referred to his humble origins on a council estate and said he had never imagined that “someone like me could be elected as mayor of London,” promising to be a mayor “for all Londoners”.

He said the campaign had not been without controversy, but added: “I am so proud that London has today chosen hope over fear”.

He added that the “politics of fear is not welcome in our city”